Air Freight

Future Airfreight BV handles yearly thousands of tons of airfreight, via secured block space agreements, confirmed allocations, as well as charter programmes. We offer competitive transport products based on space and attractive price commitments.

  • Scheduled services
  • First flight out services
  • Consolidations
  • Domestic distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Customs clearance and documentation handling

Future Airfreight BV offers innovative solutions to the growing market of fast and reliable movements of cargo by air, whether it is general cargo, courier, express, oversized, perishables, pharmaceuticals, textiles or other tailor-made transport services.

First Flight Out Services

Future Airfreight BV manages direct flights and regular consolidations destinations. We offer a variety of product options to accommodate the very best rates, along with reliability to meet tight deadlines.

Customs Clearance Service

With a network of customs clearance specialists worldwide, Future Airfreight BV 's agents are able to clear your shipments as efficiently and quick as possible.